Monday, April 4, 2011


Been out of the loop as of late. went through my bookmarks felt like updating this.

wanted to ad a referal link for all those who wish to help me out in LoL

sign up is free. and you help me out. feel free to join and have fun in LoL

on the WoW front nothing much has happened as of cata launch. my guild finished up w/ this raid tier at US 11th 25 heroic. if you want tips or help from the perspective of a Ret pally feel free to hit me up ingame or mail.
link to my armory

and on the SC2 front new patch came out. nerf to toss :( and terran, buff to zerg and new features for observers and replays.
profile link. if your a gold/diamond player who wants to do some practice vs toss hit me up. rather new to the SC2 scene but doing rather well since starting.

and without further ado the newest addition to the league Lee Sin